Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal Over a School Break

Wisdom teeth removal is a standard procedure for teenagers, but every case is different. In some cases, the wisdom teeth require immediate extraction to avoid damage to your teeth and gums. Most patients can schedule their removal within a few months, which means you can pick a convenient time. To avoid interrupting the routine of the school year, summer is the best time to schedule your extraction. 

Why is it Best to Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal Over the Summer?

Summer vacation is a perfect time to take care of necessary health obligations, such as wisdom teeth, because you and your oral surgeon have more time. The summer is the best time to schedule your wisdom teeth removal because it presents fewer conflicts with school and work. Below are the benefits of planning your extraction during the summer break.

How long does wisdom teeth extraction and recovery take?

Wisdom teeth removal procedures are most straightforward when the molars are young, and the roots have not bonded to the jawbone. It will likely be a longer, more complicated procedure and healing process if you wait until your late 20s or early 30s to extract your wisdom teeth. So, patients are advised to remove their wisdom teeth as soon as they emerge. In most cases, the extraction only takes about an hour.

Before your removal procedure, you will attend a consultation with your oral surgeon to determine the best treatment and extraction plan. Following your extraction, expect at least a week of rest and recovery to allow the extraction site to heal. The recovery timeline is different for every patient. Some patients are ready to resume their routine within five to seven days, whereas others need up to two weeks.

Benefits of Scheduling Summer Wisdom Teeth Removal

Even in the best-case scenario, predicting how long your recovery will last is difficult. It is more beneficial to schedule your extraction during the summer months when you have the available time for rest and healing. The most significant advantages of extraction over the summer include:

Scheduling Availability

Wisdom teeth usually erupt in a patient’s teenage years or early twenties, between 14 and 25 years of age. During this period in a young person’s life, they are either in high school, college, or the workforce. The workforce accommodates employees taking vacations in the summer, making it easier to find a time to schedule your extraction.

Young adults in high school and college have a break during the summer, which is often the most convenient time to schedule their extraction. Between the consultation, extraction procedure, and recovery, you will need between four to six weeks of availability. Another benefit is that your oral surgeon likely also has greater availability in the summer months.

Managing Pain During Recovery

You should expect to manage some pain and swelling for a few days following your extraction. Your doctor will instruct you to maintain a soft diet and will likely prescribe pain medication. For most patients, pain can be easily managed with over-the-counter pain medication, like ibuprofen, and prescription medication from your doctor.

While you are taking medication to manage pain, however, your body needs rest to heal. Ensure you schedule your extraction during a time when you have the flexibility to extend your recovery as required. For most patients, five to ten days of recovery is sufficient.

Managing Dietary Restrictions

Your post-surgery care includes adhering to a soft food diet to ensure the extraction site heals properly. Dietary constraints can be difficult to manage outside of the home. The summer break ensures you can access your kitchen during your week or so of recovery.

Ideal for Teenagers and Parents

If you are the parent of a teenager who needs their wisdom teeth taken out, make sure you have availability from work during their recovery. It is crucial to ensure your teen follows the doctor’s care instructions and dietary restrictions. The summer months are often the best time to take time off of work. And you can use that time for the bonding that neither of you has the time for during the school year.

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