North Charlotte Oral Surgery

How to Treat and Prevent Jaw Injuries

Identifying and Treating a Dislocated Jaw or Fractured Mandible A dislocated jaw can result from a traumatic jaw injury, bruxing your teeth, or a congenital jaw issue. Dislocation of the upper or lower jaw can cause jaw popping, chewing pain, and breathing and speaking problems. Fixing some cases of jaw dislocation requires corrective jaw surgery, […]

Benefits of Seeing a Non-Corporate Oral Surgery Practice

The presence of corporate dental and oral surgery practices is on the rise, but what is the difference between corporate and non-corporate practices? Many patients choose one or the other because they have a pre-existing relationship with their practice, deal with budgetary restraints, or require special care. Many differences between corporate and private practices come […]

Are Dental Implants right for me?

Teeth Replacement Options: Are dental implants right for me? Dental implants are the most highly recommended of the many teeth replacement options available. Dental implants are unique because they work to counteract the consequences of tooth loss and permanently restore your oral function. Missing and damaged teeth negatively change your appearance and cause long-term repercussions […]

Is anesthesia for oral surgery safe?

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Anesthesia in 2022 Is anesthesia for oral surgery safe and effective for everyone? Patients with certain health conditions may not be eligible to receive office-based sedation. But, for most patients, oral sedation and IV sedation are great at relieving patients’ anxiety and creating the optimal conditions during surgery. […]